Type of Care

Companion & Recreation

Respite Care

Spiritual Care

Medication Management

Light Housekeeping

Personal Care

Meal Preparation

Transportation & Errands

Light Housekeeping

& Domestic Duties

Often, seniors need a little help to keep their homes clean. As we age, it’s not as easy to scrub the floors or the bathtub. Our caregivers help relieve some of the burden and will help you with cleaning tasks around the house to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Aging Kingdom is not a full housekeeping service, but we can help with simple housekeeping tasks such as:

Wiping down counters

Doing dishes

Cleaning the bathroom


Doing laundry or ironing


Preparing meals

Changing linens

Assisting with pet care

Medication Management

Aging Kingdom provides a peace of mind to out clients and their families by ensuring that all medications are properly being administered.

Medications and drugs are administered correctly.

Medication reminders to ensure they are on schedule.

Ensuring the client is taking correct medication and prescribed quantities.

Tracking and documenting medication intake per care plan.

Monitoring for side effects.

Reporting when scripts are low and/or refills are needed.

Picking up and dropping off prescriptions.

Companion & Recreation

Many seniors lead lonely solitary lives.  Family members and friends are no longer around and interaction with others is often infrequent.  Our caregivers will provide companionship and a warm feeling to the atmosphere, which benefits both spirit and body. Caregivers are able to share stories, play games, and encourage participation in forgotten hobbies and interests. What greater feeling then to know your family member can smile and feel a comfort within the four walls of their own home. Aging Kingdom comes through and produces greatness.

Playing games or cards

Sharing stories and reminiscing

Puzzles and arts/crafts

Mind stimulating exercises

Social events or religious services such a reading and worshiping

Meal Preparation

Our meal preparation service includes everything from planning out the menu to serving up a tasty meal. While we don’t deliver meals, our caregivers can cook whatever you feel like eating. We also consider specific dietary needs or restrictions. It’s like having your own personal chef at home!

Create meal plans

Go grocery shopping

Prepare food for cooking

Cook or reheat meals

Clean and disinfect the kitchen

Spiritual Care

Aging Kingdom Homecare is here to “Bring the Light of the Kingdom of God,” back to the aging community. Because your spiritual well-being plays an important role in your overall health. We offer spirtual care services to our clients and their families upon request and at no additional charge. We delight in revisiting FAITH, HOPE and LOVE in the Lord by incorporating reading of scripture, hymn singing and worship, all while revisiting memories and a thrive for life. Our mission is to reconnect our clients with that deep faith they once knew and if it is no longer existent today.

“and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.”-Colossians 1:12

Respite Care

Respite care refers to the temporary care of your aging loved one. Usually, this service gives you as the family caregiver(s) a break from their daily responsibilities to go tend to other needs, like errands or personal business. It also provides family caregivers the opportunity to strengthen themselves then, return to caregiving refreshed and possibly with a clear mind.

Respite care can include any of our senior care services, including:

Meal preparation

Light housekeeping


Personal care

Errand services


Medication reminders

Errands & Transportation

Our caregivers help our clients maintain their independence and freedom by driving them wherever they wish to go with a care plan agreement.  Clients have the option of being transported in their own vehicles or the caregivers.  Note, all Aging Kingdom caregivers have valid drivers license and required insurance coverage.

Doctor’s, rehab and other health related appointments

Social events or religious services

Visit relatives and friends


Hair or Nail appointments

Or to just get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors

Personal Care

Aging Kingdom’s personal caregivers are trained in bathing, personal hygiene, getting dressed, and always focus on preserving the dignity, comfort, and health of each client.

Our caregivers assist with walking and mobility, carefully consider the physical limitations and comfort of each client’s ability to walk, climb stairs, get in and out of vehicles, and make other routine movements as they assist them.

Here is a look at more services we offer:



Oral Care





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